No Road Leads There

by Table Talk

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Speak 03:22
I helped my father outside plant a tree When I turned six a man moved in I called him the creature of the leaves As his home continued to grow I waited for his crooked arm To break through the glass with one fatal tap He swears that he means no harm I thought I heard a knock on the door I swear I saw the handle turn With a tug on the sheet and a whisper in my ear I knew this wasn’t a dream So I hung a clock on the wall of my room To help me count the seconds and the hours I have been avoiding you But the hands won’t move Please don’t leave me alone again Please don’t leave me alone with him Was it worth it to get in my head?
Put your money where your mouth is ‘Cause I’m gonna spend every cent Make that bloody dollar worth it What you want is in your hands I know I sound oh so demanding Can’t break this habit I call sin Burning holes inside our pockets I’d stop if I knew where to begin Show me where your heart is Show me where you hide it Does it make you nervous That they can see inside it You know we see inside it
Fearless 03:05
How do you do it? And not feel dismay You’re not bothered by the fact you go broke The day you get paid It’s all ‘cause you need this or You don’t feel okay No more hiding in the bathroom You wore the locks away How do you do it? You completely ignore All of the tiny red stains that you leave On the tile floor It’s all ‘cause you need this The poison in your veins No more ruining this family You pushed us all away It’s because you’re fearless In all of the wrong ways I really hate this I don’t believe a word you say
Everything’s rotational We knew you were using Where did dad’s medicine go? If you need something motivational How about the fact that you’re losing The only ones who care about you ‘Cause your friends they don’t care about you This is far from rational It ain’t just drugs you’re abusing Where did those wedding bands go? They say love is unconditional We all hate what you’re doing You’re not the one who watches mom cry She cries all the time, and we watch all the time She cries all the time, I can’t watch one more time You’re out your god damn mind I’m telling you You’ve got your whole damn life Ahead of you What’s wrong with you?


Table Talk’s sophomore release ‘No Road Leads There’ available now!


released November 30, 2018

Recorded at Vudu Studios in Port Jefferson, NY in August of 2017.
Produced, Recorded and Engineered by Billy Mannino and Mike Watts
Mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering


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Table Talk New York

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